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WWW Server

A web page is nowadays unthinkable component of enterprise presentation. To provide a web page to others the web hosting is needed. The proveders usually limits the resources you can spend on its servers. Other alternative is to establish a web page on own server. In that case it is possible to run it on own Linux server. Also in the case you do not have the possibility to place your server to internet, certainly you use intranet applications and you will need intranet web server. Also in that situation is a Linux web server proper choice.

Almost every Linux distribution contains apache web server. It is one of the best web servers in the world. Besides its performance it enables to apply many modern technologies like dynamic web and such. The use of dynamic scripting languages as php (with excellent database access capabilities), perl, python and many others it offers also possibility to develop or to use strong web applications. Besides this advantages the web server carries more partial functions. There could be statistics of internet use on the web, or the server management software, or others. Another use is the automatic proxy configuration by the scripts on the web.