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Neos is an enterprise content management built-in with custom content modeling that provides an effective way to edit and manage content, SEO optimization such as automatic redirects and SEO metadata, and powerful roles and user management. In this tutorial, we will explore how to install the latest version of Neos CMS on a Debian 11 server. […] The post How to Install Neos CMS on Debian 11 appeared first on Linux Today.

24. 9. 2022 (22:00)
Here’s the simplest way of fixing the annoying error sudo command not found in Debian, Ubuntu and various Linux distros. The post How to Fix: sudo Command Not Found Error appeared first on Linux Today.

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Learn how to use flac2all, a simple yet powerful utility, to automate the FLAC transcoding process on your Linux machine. The post How to Transcode FLAC Files With flac2all in Linux appeared first on Linux Today.

THR Systems, a. s.
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THR Systems, Inc.
THR Systems, Inc.

Represents a system integrator with its aim to complete the coverage of the services required for professional company management from purchasing of technical equipment up to its installation, administration within 24hrs services. Products applied with the best technologies and developed sources are used as support to implement the client's ideas and plans. Our products and services are applied by full range of extensive experiences within new internet economy which takes its advantage of using an efective and even more flexible sources to help our clients to be part of world wide standard. More...

Prefered solutions - thin client

One of the Linux option is to operate diskless terminals where operation system is booted from the network and instead of the disk the network file system provided by server is used. Such configuration allows effective centralized management of clients and extends another client without any needs to install any other software. More...

Economic information system

Empire is complex economic information system for the companies that are know appreciate effects jobs one's employees. This is a fully modular system conceived that offer together analytical and synthetic management tools of modern companies with strong binding on e-business and global trading. More...

Internet Telephony

Making the phone calls through the internet became very popular. It is an incomparable choice in cost savings. In one was the convenient economies thereby exists within no needs to build two independent infrastructure - one for the PC network and second for the telephones. Other conveniences further thereby that individual computers can be used as a terminals for phone calls and there are no needs to invest to telephones and obviously the costs of the phone calls are through the internet voice services.

Operating system Linux is supplied by several PBX boxes, More...