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THR Systems, a. s.
Jilemnického 3
960 01 Zvolen
tel.: +421 650 52 00 00,
+421 45 5400 770
fax: +421 45 5400 333

THR Systems, a. s.
Čapkova 2
811 04 Bratislava 1
tel.: +421 650 52 00 15
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THR Systems, Inc. was established in 1999. Achievement by the establishers was implemented by its foundation within their years of experiences in IT. THR Systems, Inc. represents a system integrator with its aim to complete the coverage of the services required for professional company management from purchasing of technical equipment up to its installation, administration within 24hrs services. Products applied with the best technologies and developed sources are used as support to implement the clients ideas and plans. Our products and services are applied by full range of extensive experiences within new internet economy which takes its advantage of using an efective and even more flexible sources to help our clients to be part of world wide standard.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain the complex tailor made solutions of IT field emerged from proved component for our clients. Entire team is working to build up, develop and provide the services of the IT.


Aim of our company is:

  • provide the high level of professional and quality services
  • provide the complex services from level of analysis up to putting information technologies, data processing, presentation results, proposal of work process changes
  • become a reliable partner for clients, employees, suppliers
  • protect clients confidential information
  • contribute clients development accomplishments.


We are fully aware of our responsibility, which oneself can expect by our tasks for clients, therefore besides high moral credit every our employee verify personable assumes from human and professional aspect. Our company forms the conditions to study new technologies, follow up the changes and exchange of experiences. Besides study is one of the source of co-operation with domestic world wide suppliers of information technologies. We are aware thereof, internal informatics consists of economical information processed, of licensed and account data. Big attention therefore present effective exploitation information technology mainly in this area. We are hoping that development of our clients is developing our company accordingly. Our effort and work is oriented towards client prosperity and development. We are not staying only with providing the information services which we consider as matter of course but also we try to support activities of our client in every positive direction. One of the support area will be in matter of future possibility of electronic trading.