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Diskless Clients
Enterprise Network with Thin Clients

Very advisable and time saving solution is the use of the Network Boot Server. It is a server which enables performance to thin clients (the workstations without harddiscs). The thin clients in two modes: either they use Network Boot server only as a file server and all the applications they run thyself, or they use server also to run applications and perform only as a terminal. In the former case it is possible to use workstations which have todays hardware, i. e. those, which are able to run local operating system after installing a harddisc. The latter solution could reuse behind the times computers. The benefit of this solution is not only the low acquiring cost but also high effectivity of management of such system. The high effectivity of that system is facilitated by the requirement to manage only server and the changes involve also all the workstations.

There is nothing to install on the new workstations. Attachment of the new workstations to that network is easily done by small interference with the server, connecting to the network and turning on the workstation. The amount of management is implied by the hardware used in the workstation. Mainly of its network card and the support of network remote boot on it.

Farm of Thin Clients

The concrete example of such solution is a server P4 2400, 2GB RAM, 2x36 GB SCSI discs in software RAID1 mirror, 66 clients, 20 of them running application on server. The solution with such number of clients is far from its limits. Few days before this farm was working on the server AMD Athlon, 1,5GB RAM, 2x40 GB IDE discs in software RAID1 mirror and resources were not fully utilized also. The users usually run terminal application, e-mail client, internet browser and OpenOffice suite. All users are running the KDE user environment.

Farm with Thin Clients Running Applications on Server

This solution is, compared to previous hybrid one, of lower cost in management, since it is not necessary to hold a copy of the system for clients. But it is more limiting in the number of attached clients. In dependence on number of applications, which users use for their work, it is available to attach only several tenth of clients to the server. Using the clients running applications thyself it is a multiply of clients.