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SAMBA File Server

Probably the most often used service in an enterprise network is the file and print server. Linux naturally offers this capabilities. Besides other modern protocols for sharing files and printers it supports also sharing by CIFS protocol, what enables compatibility with majority of nowadays used workstations. Except file and print server Linux has the ability to centrally hold user database. Workstations can authentify users by NIS, Kerberos, Windows NT domain, LDAP and by other means.

Enterprise Network

The workplace is composed of server with operating system Linux and workstations with operating system windows. Server works as a Primary Domain Controller for Windows NT domain. Workstations are added to the Windows NT domain. Users are authenticated against Primary Domain Controller and their passwords are stored in the LDAP server. After successful authentication users gain access to resources which are they authorised to use until they logoff. Every user has his own private disc place. It is possible to grant access to disk places to user groups, for reading and writing separately. Server enable network printers also. Printer drivers are stored on the priter server also. If user wants to print to a printer, he can add it by browsing on the server and clicking the "Connect" button. This action is performed only once and system connects the printer automatically after next logon. This action could be done automatically through the login script.

The users are not binded to a concrete workstation. They can choose which one to use. The roaming user profile is copied from the server after logon and back to server after logoff.